Book Interiors

Your interior page layout includes…

book layout and typesetting example
  • Two design mockups and two rounds of edits to your chosen design
  • Typesetting and formatting of all interior pages (including front and back matter)
  • Two layout mockups and two rounds of edits
  • One round of edits once your book is formatted
  • InDesign layout file for your records
    For ebook-only projects, I can also create your book's interior layout in Microsoft Word
  • Digital files uploaded to your printer (if applicable)

What I’ll need from you…

  • Completed design questionnaire
  • Fully edited and proofread manuscript in .doc, .rtf or .txt format
  • High-resolution files for any photos or illustrations included in the book

What to expect from me…

1. Initial consultation
After you complete the design questionnaire, we’ll have a brief (about 15 minutes) phone call to discuss your project and make sure we’ll work well together.

Why do you need to take the time to fill out the questionnaire?
The questions are vital to the process. In addition to ensuring an accurate quote by providing technical details about your manuscript, they help me to understand your message and your market. If you’d prefer, I’m happy to spend a little more time on the phone going over the questions with you one by one.

2. Quote and timeline
We’ll discuss your ideas for your book's interior layout and I’ll give you a firm quote and timeline for the project.

3. Getting started
After you accept the quote and pay the 50% upfront deposit, I’ll get you on the design schedule. Before I begin work, I'll also need your manuscript and any photos or illustrations.

Note: the manuscript you send me needs to be the final version.
Although a post-layout round of edits is included in your quote, this only covers minor text and format changes and the time can go by quickly. Extensive edits will require that entire sections of the book be re-formatted and will result in additional charges, so the best use of my time (and your money!) is for me to start with a fully edited manuscript. If you believe you’re ready to have your book’s interior designed but haven’t had your manuscript proofread (at minimum) or professionally edited (ideally), please call or email me to discuss your options on this.

4. Layout mockups
Based on the design questionnaire and our initial discussion, I’ll prepare two design mockups for your interior pages. Each mockup will consist of the first page of a chapter, followed by a two-page spread. I’ll then create your final design template.

book layout and typesetting example

5.Communicating with your printer or ebook distributor
I'll contact your printer early in the design process to discuss the technical specifications, and then stay in touch with them throughout the process to ensure that the printing goes smoothly. For digital ebooks, I will check with your distributor and can supply the necessary formats for Kindle, Nook, epub for IPads and Sony readers, etc. (additional charge applies)

6. Typesetting
Once we've finalized the interior layout, I will format and typset your text. Then I'll send you a PDF file of your completed interior pages for review.

7. Review
Either you or your proofreader/editor should look over each page of your book and make note of any last-minute corrections you’d like to make to the text. (Even if you’re positive that you’ve given me a perfect final version of the manuscript, once you see it laid out in its final format, I guarantee that at least a few more changes will jump out at you!)

8. Finalizing your book
After you send me your final changes, I’ll make the corrections and send you another PDF for one last review, and then it’s off to press! Once final payment is made, I’ll upload your digital files to your printer or distributor.

"Susie consistently delivers exactly what we need - great design, fast turnaround and friendly service. It is always a pleasure to work with her and our customers love the way our products look!”
– Laura Posey,

Interior Layout Pricing

Simple: $5.00 per page

This is for fiction books or books without lists, quotes, graphics, etc.

Expanded: $6.00 per page
For most nonfiction books. Includes headings, some lists, and inline pull quotes every other page.

There is an additional charge for converting and placing graphics and charts. Please contact me to discuss your specific project.

For fixed-text PDF ebooks created in MS Word, subtract $2.00 per page from the above prices.

*100 page minimum on all layout projects*