Ebooks can be created as fixed-text PDF files and/or .mobi and .epub files for distribution on Kindle and all other ereaders. The following information applies to ereader formats. Information on fixed-text PDFs can be found at www.sgwdesign.com/index.php/book-design/interior-layouts

Your ebook includes…

Digital ebooks for Kindle, Nook, iPad and other ereaders
  • Your cover art embedded in the ebook file
  • Linked Table of Contents and live hyperlinks (if applicable)
  • One round of edits once your ebook is formatted
  • Finished ebook delivered in both .mobi and .epub formats
  • Assistance with uploading to your publisher

What I’ll need from you…

  • Fully edited and proofread manuscript in .doc, .rtf or .txt format
  • Any photos or illustrations included in the book

Ebook Pricing

Simple: $125 for the first 25,000 words, $75 for each additional 25,000 words
This is for fiction books or books without lists, quotes, graphics, etc.

Expanded: $150 for the first 25,000 words, $125 for each additional 25,000 words
For most nonfiction books. Includes headings, some lists, and inline pull quotes every other page.

Don't have a cover? Let me create one for you.


Smashwords is a free ebook publishing service that can simply the publishing process for you. The ebooks they produce are automatically generated and free of bells and whistles. Smashwords is a great solution if you just want to get your book out there quickly. I will prepare your ebook for distribution on Smashwords for a flat fee of $50.

“Thanks a million, Susie, for the great job you did on the Believe in Love ebook, workbook and trade paperback! You did fine work, in a timely fashion, with great communication. I would not hesitate to come back for more, and refer other people your way as well.”
–Evan Marc Katz, evanmarckatz.com