Book Cover Design and Layout

Book cover design, book interior layout and ebook design

Attn: Authors, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers and Small Business Owners

Attn: Authors, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers and Small Business Owners

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You already know that self-publishing a book can help you build brand awareness, establish credibility and attract media attention. Those are just a couple of reasons why you wrote your book in the first place. Now you have a manuscript in hand. The next step is to work with a design professional to create a book cover and interior layout to match your content and your brand.

After all, people really do judge a book by its cover, and how well your book works for you depends a lot on that first impression.

That’s where I come in. I create book covers, book interiors, ebooks and promotional materials for print-on-demand and self-publishing authors. I’ll work with you to create a unique book cover design that conveys your style and message and captures your target reader’s attention.

What do you get from working with me?

  • A Unique-to-you, professional book cover design and layout
  • Two original book cover designs to choose from
  • Up to two rounds of corrections
  • A 3d promotional image for marketing purposes
  • A free PDF ebook version of your book (print design projects only)
  • I can convert your book for publication on Kindle, iPad, Nook and other e-readers as well

"Getting Susie Ward involved in our business was one of the smartest decisions we ever made."
- Chris Cardell,